Bad Start Good End

I wanted to insert my letter to the phone provider EE so that it would appear immediately here,

For reasons -I’m sure- of  stupidity I can only add it as a file for you to click onto

Click here EE

It represents a bad start to the week.

Incidentally I see Terry Pratchett quoted in The Week magazine; “Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time” So I cannot be deemed really stupid.

Anyway lets focus on the Good End

The eclipse! We woke to beautiful clear  skies and dodged between the television and our pinhole camera out in the farmyard. First images from Newlyn where I once lived made me pleased for Cornwall. Often forgotten and nearly always last in the queue when money trickles down from London it was first in line on this occasion.Civil Servants cannot control the alignment of the planets.And we really did experience the light decreasing to a purplish hue, a chill breeze, the birds silent. And the birds the first to announce the second new dawn,

Later that evening on the television Stargazing gave us chapter and verse on the days events. Hosted by Dara O Brean and Brian Cox and featuring Buzz Aldrin (AKA Buzz Allbling). There is a perfect chemistry between the two hosts which is developing each series in a wierdly cosmic way. All-consuming Dar O B is large and getting larger while Prof Brian is looking a bit overwhelmed and almost………engulfed. A celebrity collapsing Star . When he tries to remind Dara that certain cosmic happenings could be apocalyptic for Planet Earth he is subject to a withering ridicule partly arrested by a complex formula on the back of an envelope which he waves at your man. For a second there is equal respect. What would Terry Pratchett make of those two?

And as a bonus ball Tom Robinson serves up a 90 minute Bob Dylan special on 6 Music. In the course of Stargazing we were told that the sun spot clearly visible on the  images from Newlyn is roughly the size of Earth! It occurs to me that Dylan is the sun in the world of music with the rest just orbiting. A bit OTT in retrospect.Yet weirdly, towards the end of the music special a photographer describes how – for the album sleeve of Bringing It All Back Home – he created an image of the world spinning around a clear image of Dylan in the centre of the picture.If you get Dylan you will understand this. Many don’t get him but love him or hate him could this be a religion of the future developing in our lifetime.

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