An undiscovered gem

Today a mechanic came – by recommendation – to fix the brakes on the dumper.He turns out to be A SHOWMAN, A POET, ASTUTE and a good mechanic.

The showman first; he listened attentively to my description of brake failure and then – just as I was embellishing the detail of NO resistance when I put my foot to the brake pedal he waved his hand and said ” I shall be very surprised if this isn’t what I think it is”. It was his way of silencing me but also pure theater in its delivery. That movement of the hand , that derogatory glance at the truck as he moved onto something more interesting….”.Why is your farm spelt differently from the village?” Lamanver Farm in the village of Lamanva. Now that’s the ASTUTE bit. I’m not sure anybody else has picked that up on first visit.It really is a fab question and has an interesting answer but that’s for another day.

Because the best bit of this is that IT WASN’T WHAT HE THOUGHT! But that didn’t deter him. Having stripped down the front axle, unperturbed he dropped into his POET persona.When I questioned “so what is that stuff in the brake cylinder?” his reply was completely derailing; “obnoxious sliminess”.Excuse me but where have we got to so far? The front axle in pieces and as yet no cause identified for the brake failure.And yet he inspires confidence.And commands a healthy hourly rate which I shall pay happily. I’m beginning to think this guy could make a General Practitioner.

Today I put up a sign Eggs for sale  £1- 1/2 doz

I shall build an honesty box and another sign. This honesty box is under constant CCTV surveillance.I shall be intrigued as to who gets the joke.


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