Digital technology

A trip to East Kent to visit my father. He has a complex illness and I use my i-phone to Google an Australian medical website whilst waiting with him for an outpatient appointment with his consultant.And marvel for a moment at the technology that enables such access to such information. I then go onto the Nat West website to check he has money to pay his carer.Later that afternoon and 12 miles from the hospital I speak to his GP who has no details of his medicines sent home with him a week earlier.

I set out for Cornwall having achieved much and enjoying the late sunshine of a perfect March day in deepest rural “old” Kent.It’s weird how things can change. On the M20  a warning light flashes up on the dashboard of the Range Rover Evoque but it is driving OK.Part of the warning is Drive Carefully.That’s slightly intriguing but I take it to mean “no need to swerve onto hard shoulder” We had a similar problem with the same car in Spain 4 weeks after purchase new.After many sweltering hours a mechanic disconnected the battery leads, reconnected them and the car came back to life.Via a mix of Spanglish and hand gestures we agreed (I think) that it was like turning a computer off,then on,when it is not working.He gestured that the car was a computer on wheels unlike his tow truck. Which was a large hook on wheels.So I drive (carefully) into the next service station, turn off the ignition wait 5 minutes and drive away with everything back to normal.But it leaves a slight doubt. The M25 is a horror show and a lorry directly in front of me swerves out into my lane without indicating. Not because forewarned I am driving carefully and have a safe distance. I glimpse the car that he has swerved to avoid. Spinning across the hard shoulder and up a bank. It doesn’t turn over but there is a lot of smoke and it’s at quite high speed.And suddenly it’s 100 yards behind you and there is nothing you can do. My            I phone is not  bluetooth- enabled so I cannot even phone it in.Later in the night I get a different series of warning messages flashing up on the dashboard but this time I have lost cruise control and the speedo. 45 miles North of Exeter on the M5 I pull into services but know where this is heading and it’s not home for the forseeable future!.The AA recovery man cannot comment and feels it is probably a software issue. That’s honest. He tells me we have to head back up the M5 to Bristol Airport to collect a hire car.He says it’s only a 20 minute trip. It takes 40 minutes with the speed cameras etc.Another 40 minutes (and 30 to check out the hire car) and I am back to where it all started on the M5.Bizarrely the attendant in the hire  office wanted to see my paper license as well as the photo-card.Even more bizarrely I had it folded up in the back of my wallet! I think of the people in the car on the M25 and make it home at 0415.

Over the weekend I get over that bad vibe. We watch a judge (who is overweight) pull out the top 3( who are all sleek and underweight) in one of the Crufts classes.I decide that I may do better betting on the first three home in  dog shows than the forthcoming Cheltenham races.

Poldark is back as a new series. Donna says the original is dated. I thought that was the whole point -1780 to be precise.

On Sunday we meet friends for lunch. It is warm and gets warmer. This was not forecast and by the time the coffees are served we are sitting outside basking.I have decided that the first day of Spring is no longer to be defined by the calendar but by the group act of first basking.







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