Spring. Time marches on

Yesterday was Sunday 1st March St Davids day and the first of Spring. I watched the Wales team beat the French in the rugby the day before. Many of them were dressed as daffodils. I wonder if those costumes just come out for the St Davids celebration or if we will see them in the remaining games..

More locally the fields planted out for the daffodil market are getting ahead of the pickers.Once in bloom they have little commercial value; they need to be opening just as they are sold over the counter.Despite endless rain very little sun and a biting wind the fields are showing more yellow patches each day Those patches are lost profit.So the word has gone out and I mean out. To Eastern Europe in particular.The local grass verges are dotted with old cars vans and even a redundant 30 – seater coach.all with European number plates. And in the fields themselves are dotted  the teams of pickers ,heads down and in all weather. They never stop – including Sunday. Perhaps yesterday they had their own personal celebrations- not least they had the sun on their backs for the first time this week.On Saturday I passed by in the Defender and noted that their waterproofs were sodden.and stuck to their underclothes.If they stopped working they would get very cold very quickly.  I reached forward and turned up the dashboard heat to Max.

In Kent my father is suddenly very ill. He has 2 or 3 really complicated and quite rare medical conditions. Different consultants come by and focus on their specialist area in terms he cannot understand..When they are out of earshot he says”it’s anno domini” . They could learn from him. In their defense he tends to forget a lot of what is said anyway. He uses a diary for the important stuff. On the phone he reads out his scrawled entry for tomorrow 3rd March 2015   Lady Of Lamanver Exeter 2.30.


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