Yesterday a nine hour round trip to collect Lamanver Odyssey from Somerset. The Defender is more comfortable when towing a load but despite that the journey was way too much for my back.

She is so-named because the stud manageress refers to her mother( Lamanver Homerun) as Homer and Homer wrote the Odyssey which Meriam Webster free dictionary defines as a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune. It seems perfect for a filly doing so well until found terribly lame in a stable for no discernible reason, who was put on “box rest” ¬†for 12 weeks only to go stir-crazy half-way into “the sentence”,rear violently and come down on her pelvis.Then get back up on her feet cured! Now home for summer grazing.

The number of roadworks on the A30 and M5 increases almost daily. The 50mph carriageway restrictions are well-laid out and it is perversely pleasant to see everybody sticking to the speed limit. There is no choice since no room to overtake.But the stretch at the very end of the M5 still has 50mph signs which are ignored by everybody. There are no roadworks at that point,the signs have been there for months -almost forgotten. Nobody local takes any notice, But it must be frustrating if you are visiting from afar and conscientiously slow down only to see others screaming past .I stuck to 60 since “haulin hoss” .

This morning I watched Channel 4 Morning Line. Depressing to hear Jamie Lynch stating that he and some other Racing Post Timeform pundits had “laid off” a horse they owned which I thought meant betting against it to all intents and purposes. Which I thought was disallowed under the Rules of Racing.Glad they got stuffed when it won under a young conditional jockey.French prize-money increasing- note to self brush up on the French.

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