How strange that last night Donna mentioned casually that she had noticed a toad on the granite flagstones in the lounge earlier in the evening ! Given yesterdays blog – posted much earlier and unknown to Donna – I found that weird in a charming sort of way. Witches of course use various frog and newt parts in their spells.Toad as well I imagine! Am I being watched? Can I summon help in the betting market next week when Lady of Lamanver races over hurdles for the first time? Or is Donna onto my blog.

So that visitor was unexpected. Less so the Retired Professor who delivered a local newsletter this morning. He told me his name when he first came to the farm but I only remember that he is a┬áretired professor of quantum mechanics I think he said. He is unnervingly bright; he denied any knowledge of horses then described one as having noticeably long canon bones. I had to be told that three times before I could just about convince myself I could see it and here comes RP and notices it at a casual glance. Perhaps it’s his mechanical eye. However I think he is slightly adrift in the common sense disciplines because the real purpose of his visit I think was to announce that he is considering running for UKIP. I think fear of failure has him trying to test the water. Certainly we are a VERY marginal seat; George Eustice won for the Tories last time with a majority of 66 which the Retired Prof convinced me today is really only a majority of 33.If one party has 100 votes and another party has 34 the majority is 66 but a swing of 33 would bring both to 67 he explained. So I conceded that. But apart from Nigel Farage UKIP are a bunch of outspoken fools and racists I countered. Maybe, but they are honest and he emphasised the word honest and for that they surpass the current parties who tell you what you want to hear not what they are thinking.And he has a point. Honesty has gone out of politics and we have barely noticed it.So he went on his rounds with encouragement from me. Just for the record my exact words were “I would never vote for a candidate who I considered dishonest”. But he has got me thinking.

As he left he noticed a spirit level and some tools next to a horse trailer in the yard. “Make sure the trailer is level to the ground before you fit those shelves!” Too late – so that’s me sorted out for the rest of the morning. Level the trailer then refit the shelves. They look OK but once it’s pointed out that sort of thing niggles.

“Toodle Pip” said the Prof

“Don’t you mean Toodle UKIP?” says I . No response. So it must have been quantum mechanics. There’s no room for humour in all that dark matter.


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