A Visitor

The unexpected visitor remains- in most cases anyway and I include the Retired Professor – a welcome interruption to the routines of life around horses.And if ahead of the routines a chance to down tools from the repair and servicing that soaks up the remainder of short winter days.And sometimes these are the briefest interludes.The fox passing across the paddock in front of me as I write (not always welcome and not always unexpected). The heron that once chose to walk up the lawn from the pond with a strut of such purpose that I never fathomed. The red deer that appeared one late summers evening and was gone again at dawn.

And today a newt.Found by Donna on one of the stable floors looking slightly dry and probably disturbed by my hammer drilling in the stable.Living in one of the old stone walls I imagine.So you may say not a true visitor passing through. Just a visitor to our daily life. And only the third newt seen in 22 years. The other two episodes bizarrely on the granite flagstones in our lounge, years apart but  on both occasions a lone newt passing across the floor from one wall to another.Those sightings had  suggested a low population doomed to extinction at least on the farm. But today I am reminded that Nature does not let go easily.And that a lot goes on in those walls that we never see.

And I am reminded also that we are long-overdue a visit by Archie Springer. Last seen late-summer by David setting out for a convention on The Lizard. He is usually back for the daffodil picking and that is well underway. I shall make inquiries.

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